My Family’s Hidden Heritage,” June 9, 2016

How a recent discovery about my grandpa’s ancestry changed my understanding of my Christian family and its approach to faith.

Trump and Trust,” November 10, 2016

I write this in a state of disbelief. I’m less astonished that Hillary Clinton lost the election, and more that she lost to someone so entirely contrarian to the fundamental values of the American democratic system as Donald Trump.

The Kremlin’s Trump Gamble,” August 3, 2016

A Trump presidency is widely anticipated to be a boon for the Kremlin – yet in reality, this outcome is as fickle as Trump.

The Inevitability of ‘Trumpism’,” February 16, 2016

Conservatives may be able to deny Donald Trump their support, but it is far harder for them to deny many of the underlying ideals they share.

Stop Treating Your Life Like A Resume-Builder,” Thought Catalog, October 22, 2015

Life is not a simple distillation and description of experience, neatly formatted in black and white onto a single page.

I Knew I Was A New Yorker The First Time I Cried in Public,” Thought Catalog, August 13, 2015 

The strange comfort of an unexpected contribution to city life.