Hey! I’m an experienced editor, writer, and newsletter strategist.

Currently, I lead newsletters at Grid, where I host, write and edit our flagship daily newsletter, Grid Today.

Previously, I was the head newsletter editor at CoinDesk and a senior editor at a news startup.

And before that, at The New Yorker, I edited and produced several newsletters and edited for newyorker.com and Goings On About Town in print.

I’ve written about culture, foreign policy, international affairs, and politics for GridThe New YorkerPacific StandardLatterly, and other magazines and publications. See more of my writing below.

How Could JASTA Change U.S. Foreign Policy?

In my newest piece for Pacific Standard, I look at how the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act makes the already complicated U.S.-Saudi relationship even more convoluted, and how it could impact broader U.S. foreign policy.

Just by being approved by the Senate, the bill underscores how U.S.-Saudi relations have changed, and how that evolving relationship presents Washington with a real political liability. Even if the bill dies and is revived again at a later date, the Saudi government will still view it as an unnecessary risk and a point of contention in its relationship with the U.S. moving forward.

Read more here.

(Photo: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

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