Hey! I’m an experienced editor, writer, and newsletter strategist.

Currently, I lead newsletters at Grid, where I host, write and edit our flagship daily newsletter, Grid Today.

Previously, I was the head newsletter editor at CoinDesk and a senior editor at a news startup.

And before that, at The New Yorker, I edited and produced several newsletters and edited for newyorker.com and Goings On About Town in print.

I’ve written about culture, foreign policy, international affairs, and politics for GridThe New YorkerPacific StandardLatterly, and other magazines and publications. See more of my writing below.

  • Trump and Trust

    Trump and Trust

    I write this in a state of disbelief. I’m less astonished that Hillary Clinton lost the election, and more that she lost to someone so entirely contrarian to the fundamental values of the American democratic system as Donald Trump.

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  • How Will JASTA Affect America’s Relationship With Saudi Arabia?

    The first veto override of the Obama presidency indicates that Congress is willing to challenge the White House over our alliance with Saudi Arabia. But how much will really change?

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  • The Kremlin’s Trump Gamble

    A Trump presidency is widely anticipated to be a boon for the Kremlin – yet in reality, this outcome is as fickle as Trump.

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  • My Family’s Hidden Heritage

    How a recent discovery about my grandpa’s ancestry changed my understanding of my Christian family and its approach to faith.

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  • How Could JASTA Change U.S. Foreign Policy?

    The Senate approved a bill this week that would allow families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue the Saudi Arabian government for its alleged involvement. How could this impact the U.S.-Saudi relationship, and broader U.S. foreign policy?

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  • Will Syria Be a New Ukraine?

    By keeping the conflict at a manageable, simmering level, Russia keeps its influential seat at the negotiating table.

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  • The Inevitability of “Trumpism”

    Conservatives may be able to deny Donald Trump their support, but it is far harder for them to deny many of the underlying ideals they share.

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  • A little delayed in posting this, but my piece on the U.S.’ conflicted relationship with Saudi Arabia was selected as one of Pacific Standard’s top stories for the week of January 10-16! See that week’s top stories recap on PSmag.com by clicking the headline above or here.  

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  • America’s Saudi Liability

    Saudi Arabia’s execution of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr demonstrates that Riyadh is able to act with growing impunity in the Middle East. It also signals a potentially dangerous shift in American-Saudi relations.

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  • How Will the Paris Attacks Shift Russia’s Role on the World Stage?

    With the prospect of France cooperating more generally with its broader Syria campaign, Russia now stands to gain the implicit credibility and validation of a Western partner in its efforts.

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